Why choose us ?

TTM Laundry’s main objective in the field of laundry service is to solve the washing issue of customers and at the same time to address another major and unrelenting concern of quality and timeliness. Some important factors among others in solving quality issue: • (Reviewing stains and tears) As these two issues are becoming a common thing during the laundry business, TTM Laundry Company has endeavored to wash and wipe out all found stains and tears by using constantly quality-controlling system which is run by the manager of the company. • (Water and Chemistry) Fresh waters and good-quality chemical substances are still the backbone of the business. While the laundry industry covers the use of new laundry technology such as the washing in low temperature which requires the use of oxalic substance. TTM Laundry believes that the mixture of 60 degree Celsius and good quality chemical substances is still the first and better alternative. TTM Laundry Company has strived to find chemical substances largely by ourselves in order to ensure that the laundry process follows proper procedures and at the same time functions sustainably. • (Equipment and Engineering) Equipment to be used are maintained, cleaned, and constantly monitored by our 5 specialist staffs of 5-star hotel. We also still review on a regular basis our facilities in order to avert quality issue in our company. • Confidence and responsibility are the major factors of our compnay. When there are any cases of loss or damage, our company will be responsible for and address the problems immediately to aviod resentment of customers. • Delivery: This is an important issue that we are comprehensively care of. We will transport timely in accordance with customers’ requirements. Lastly, we would like to deliver deeply thanks to Mr., and Ms. who have spent time reading this background handbook of our company. If you are interested in our laundry service, you can contact us through our address: 48, Street 1952, Phnom Penh Thmei Sangkat, Sen Sok Khan, Phnom Penh or you can contact by phones: 012 955 002, or 097 048 111. You can also contact us through info@ttmlaundry.com. We are very happy to welcome your contacts.